Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thank you! March 7, 2012

Just wanted to say thank you to Periol and Emeline for their purchaces the other day.
Even as we speak, "Wedding Flight" is winging it's way to it's new home with Periol and "In the Future We Ride in Balloons" is floating towards Emeline!
I hope you guys love your new artwork.

Went by the gallery today and met the nicest lady. She is a fiber artist and we had a great time talking about art stuff. LOL So, a shout out to Kristy!
I put up a new gallery page, it's all paper mache sculptures. Hope you like it. I hope to do more this summer when the weather gets nice and warm. That's the best time for paper mache I think.

Here's a color pencil drawing that's in my new sketchbook I got from my friend Becky at Artopia, just a few doors down from Mr. Nelson's gallery.
Not sure what to call it yet, or whether or not to call it anything at all, but I hope you like it.

As always, I'm interested in hearing whatever you have to say about these pictures. I like hearing about techniques, or materials to try, any kind of pointers or things like that. I never got to take any lessons so I'm always interested in learning new things.
Will post again soon with a new graphite piece, if I don't tear it up that is. LOL
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