Friday, March 2, 2012

New Graphite Work March 2, 2012

Sitting here listening to the storm pick up outside and praying the roof stays on, I thought I'd finally scan these new graphite pieces and post them.
These drawings for some reason are very important to me. It's in the way they are done I think that makes them special. I don't plan them, I find them, and that to me makes a big difference and makes them special.
I'll put all 5 of them on the graphite gallery page.
I'd like to show you a couple of them in this post though.
This first one, i called "Wedding Flight"

These are done on 9x12 Bristol vellum in graphite.
I love this picture, I'm sure that somewhere in the vast universe, some alien race is breeding in flight just like in the picture.
This next one is done on the same kind of paper and is called, "Moon in the Water"
It's got a lot going on in it I think. LOL
These pictures and the other ones I'll put on the graphite page, are really visits into the backroom of the subconscious where images and dreams live. That's what makes them special.
I'd really like to hear what you think of these so please, comments are welcome.
Also, scanning graphite for some reason, never really shows the picture as well as I'd like. I've read other artists talking about the same problem and some say it's because the graphite reflects light and makes it harder to get a good image. Could be.
Maybe someone will have suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
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