Gallery 1 Paintings and Drawings

I thought it might be cool to have a page for a gallery where I could post pictures of my pictures!
This page will be work that is recent. I'll make another page for older drawings and paintings. It might be nice to see how they have changed over time.

This first painting is probably one of my favorites. I love the way the colors worked out.
It's done in watercolor and pen, a bit of acrylic and probably some prismacolor pencil. LOL
It's called Matthew 24:19 and is based on one of the most frightening verses in the Bible in my opinion. "And woe unto them that are with child and to them that give suck in those days."
I can't imagine anything more terrifying than facing the coming collapse while expecting or with a little child to care for.
The world is an unforgiving place isn't it?

 This next one, I'm not sure right now but I think it sold. Or I lost it.
It's based on a poem that I wrote based on a dream I had. It's called "The Man the Color of Fire"
here's the poem written on the back.
this one actually may still be at the gallery, I guess I should check and find out for sure shouldn't I?

This next one is called "Suit". It's a suit to protect the wearer (hopefully) from the strange particles that will bombard humanity.  I don't think the suit is working here.
It is done with acrylics mostly on paper. lots of washes and room for chaos to work in the painting.
I always try to leave room for chaos and chance to speak up and be recognized.

This next one is called, "Watch the Sky" and it's at the gallery. It's done on a 5x7 wrap around canvas and is my attempt at collage. LOL one of them anyway, I have a few pieces that I've glued stuff to.
My friend RJ that sends in links to my other blog is a great artist and does collage. His work is beautiful.
At any rate, here is one of my attempts at collage.

And, here is another one, called "Human Animal Hybrids". That's something that I think about, mixing up human and animal DNA trying to make super humans.
This one is also done on a 5x7" wrap around canvas with some textured painted paper and acrylic and pen.

This next one is at the gallery I think too. It's called "Pray Children Pray" and shows a terrified mother with her children with no other option than to pray.
This is I think a small piece on Bristol vellum in watercolor and ink. 4x6 or something like that.

I'll post some more over the weekend. I'd kind of like to group them here for us to see and maybe comment on.

OH, and here's the one I did for Mr. Nelson on the front of the gallery. I am holding a sign saying hello to my forum friends.
Here is a commission piece I did after the wall in front of the gallery. He wanted a similar painting and I did it on a large canvas and was able to add a few things to it that I didn't get to put on the wall.

Found a photo of another one that's currently living at the gallery. It's called "Fleeing"
It's acrylic on canvas.
I love this picture a lot. The idea of masses of people running away from or towards something kind of freaks me out a bit. Well, actually, masses of people doing anything freaks me out! LOL
anyway, wanted to add this one to the gallery here.
I'm not sure of the exact dimensions right now but as you can see, it's pretty good sized.
Anyone interested in any of these please message me.

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"Holding On" posted on April 29, 2012