Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Guided By Demons, Soldier Uses Ring of Fire Weapon" Graphite

Well, this one was weird, and took a while to do. I started it several days ago and only got it to where I thought it was done this evening.
I'm not sure what to say about this drawing. The demons are visible to us, but I don't think the soldier is aware of what it is that is directing his activities.
The 'Ring of Fire' weapon is also very strange. When I was drawing, it really popped out at me. Perhaps it is some new secret experimental weapon of some kind.
I hope we never have to find out actually.
This drawing is done on 9x12 Bristol vellum like the others, in graphite and on this one, I used just a bit of white charcoal to help bring out the highlights in some areas.
As always, comments are more than welcome as well as critiques or drawing tips.
I will probably have a couple more of these graphite pieces to post over the next few days and then we'll do something different. Some pen and colored inks or watercolors! Time for a break! LOL

oh hey, i just noticed there are some new folks following the blog!
hello and welcome to you and thank you very much!
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