Monday, February 21, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted in this blog in a while. I've been working for hours everyday on the Breaking News blog,
End of Empire News. It takes a lot of time to put together but I'm really enjoying it.
The news coming out of the middle east is terrifying, especially what's being done to the protesters in Libya and Bahrain. I watched the protests from Egypt on Aljazeera for days.
Sometimes I had to turn it off though as it was just too overwhelming to watch.
The weather here has warmed considerably and I've been working outside the past couple days getting the greenhouse up and running. I planted pepper and tomato seeds today and have heat ready in case it turns off really cold again. Our neighbor is putting in two new plots for the garden and this afternoon we all decided about what to plant in them. Looks like we're going with potatoes and dried beans for the most part. Looking for some protein and calories.
I really would like to encourage anyone reading this to take some time and inventory your food supply.
see what you're low on and stock up soon.
I've also started painting some small pieces for Ebay too. Trying to raise a little money to do some work around here so wish me luck with my auctions.
here's a link to my auctions I have up now.
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