Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Work in 2012

Sorry for not posting more on this blog but I've been pretty tied up with the End of Empire News blog for the past year. This year, I hope to be able to post more here about the new work I'm doing and the big show later this year at Nelson's Gallery in Johnson City.
I'll keep you posted on that as time goes by and it takes shape,  but for now I wanted to show you the new things I've been doing and putting up in my shop on Etsy.

Here recently, I've been working a lot with pen and colored inks. I love the way they look and the colors are like jewels! They take a bit of time to do actually, not nearly as fast as acrylic paintings but, I like the different look, kind of like a storybook illustration I think.
Here's one I did recently, see what you think. It's not listed for sale anywhere yet but I may put it on Etsy  later.
This is called, "They can't get in, and You can't get out"
It pretty much sums up what fear can do to a person.
It's a bit of self exploration really. See the person's shadow on the ground to the right? Notice how small and confining the world becomes when trapped inside your own fears?
I like this little drawing a lot actually.
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