Friday, January 21, 2011

Where We Seem to Be Headed

If you don't read anything else this week, take the time to read these two articles.
MyBudget360: How the financial elite have dismantled the American middle  class
The Arch Druid Report: The Onset of Catabolic Collapse

I just finished reading these two articles and must say that they pretty well sum up where we are headed as a country.
We are going to be living in a country more and more like Victorian England, with monstrously rich and privileged minority and a monstrously deprived "everybody else". The myth of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps could blessedly be coming to an end for a lot of people, at least now they'll be better able to make rational decisions about their lives than they were before when the believed they too could become part of the elite!
People are going to get angry and pissed off too, but, thanks to the main stream media look for the targets to be anyone from brown people to people that don't go to church, to anyone on social security or government aid like food stamps, or of course gays.
The real villians of this country's demise will as always creep by under the radar unnoticed and unmolested by people's anger. There are a few people out there ringing the bell, like the two articles I linked to but, more and more people like that will be called paranoid and eventually painted to look like that Laughner fellow that shot the congresswoman. Recent news articles about 'paranoiacs' are sowing the seeds for future crack downs on people speaking up about what the elites are up to.

We are headed into a society that is more fearful, (and rightly so) sicker, more poisoned, malnourished and without hope. We're headed into a world that will be running low on food, water, energy, resources. Count on it. We're headed into a world where it will become common to see starving children and dying people on the streets.
I know, I know, I hear you saying, "Well we just need to DO something!"
There is nothing we can do that they will not Un-Do.
For every calorie of energy you conserve, 'they' will use 2.
For every truth you manage to speak, they will mask it with lies.
There's just not going to be any stopping this train wreck until it is finished wrecking.
The best advice I can give you is to see this trend for what it is and make preparations for the coming reality. Learn some basic skills, get the hell out of debt, find a way now to live with less and save all you can. Invest in life sustaining things like food, water and shelter. It's good to have some precious metals, silver especially, but, don't count on it later. What you need is some way to harvest rainwater or a clean source of water and you need food. A way to produce as much as you can. You most likely will not be able to produce all the food you will need but, the more you grow for yourself, the less you will have to buy.
So, if you will begin now to work towards living with less you'll be ahead of the game. Use this time wisely. 

oh, and just one more thing, they will NEVER outlaw guns. What would we turn on one another with?
Despite what happened in AZ, the elites have no fear that we will turn on them, they know that they will always be able to get us to go after one another. We are pathetically predictable aren't we?
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