Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feb. 24, 2008 Tired Hands

Boy, have I done it! LOL
Started carving out a rebec styled fiddle for myself last night and made good time on it, However, my hands are so damned stiff and sore today I can hardly type. No pain no gain I say.
When I get done here, I'm going back to work on it.
Anyway, I had a couple pictures I wanted to show you, this first one is called, "Soul Harvesters"
It shows a Terrible Angel in the foreground calling up the soul harvesters in the background. They are like great floating jellyfish, their tentacles snaring the souls.

There's some glare on the glass kind of makes it look a bit ghostly. LOL
I found some photos of a couple paintings I did back before Katrina. They had sold to a
psychiatrist in New Orleans and he had had them framed and sent me pics to show me how nicely they had turned out.
One of them, the first one I think, was destroyed in the floods following the hurricane so it is
nice to have the picture to share.

terribleangelsspewingforthdestructi.jpg Terrible Angels Spewing Forth Destruction picture by p_a_turner

This one shows the Terrible Angels sending out destructive seeds into the world.

motherandchildsmall.jpg Mother and Child picture by p_a_turner

This one, shows a mother and child, locked in that eternal battle, the eyes in the background represent people that are always watching, waiting to give advice or criticize.
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