Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feb, 19, 2008 listening to the wind

I wandered into this amazing site today. A man has build a wind harp and broadcasts the sound the wind makes on the strings 24/7.
If you enjoy ambient sounds for meditation this is a wonderful site to listen to.
here is his link,
Also, a word to the wise, if you don't have food stored, you should be buying as much extra as you can as the price of food will be rising more and more as the year progresses.
If you don't garden, learn to. There are many good gardening sites on the web. Also, neighbors that garden are a great source of information.

Getting materials ready now to build a gourd banjo. I like music and happen to have a good gourd for the purpose. If it turns out halfway decent I'll post some photos. LOL
Have to get a new camera however as mine has stopped working. Will have more photos of artwork soon as well.

If you would like to read more about the coming oil crash, go here.
If you click on the discuss tab in the upper right hand corner, you will come the the forum. There's a gardening section there with a lot of good information hopefully if you are a new gardener you will find good beginner information as well as encouragement and inspiration.

Oh, and good news, one of my entries has been featured, (for now anyway) on 100 Words.

Here's the link,

here's the entry.
I'm working on a piece based on this verse.

In a dream I saw a man,
he was the color of fire.

He walked bare and shining
across soft red hills.

He talked to God.

He moved his bright hands across his eyes
in a gesture of despair, a shimmer of dimensions
haloed where his hand moved
and lit his forehead as he walked.

Little dead birds littered the dusty ground,
the remains of birds
fallen from the dry thin air,
Preserved in dust
their feathers traced bright lonely halos.

They whispered goodbye to God.

In a dream I saw a man,
he was tall and burned like fire.
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