Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feb. 26, 2008 Fire and Brimstone

Been up for a bit now, had an intense dream and wanted to tell you about it, maybe help get it out of my head so I can get to work.
I dreamed I was in a house where we used to live and I heard an explosion and went out onto the porch. I could see out over the small town there and saw a building in flames and collapsing. I looked up and saw balls of fire, meteors or something like the flaming rocks that come out of volcanoes, falling from the sky. I could see them hitting the hills in the distance, and some more buildings in town and one fell in the front yard of the house where I was.
It was smallish and left a little fire filled crater. Black and orange and red.
I thought in the dream they were meteors raining down.

It didn't seem as if I was terribly afraid, but felt a strange intensity about it.
I woke up, sitting straight up in the bed with a start.
Still not afraid or terrified, just alert about it.

This was one of those dreams that I'll mull over all damned day now. LOL
I'll either have to write about it, or paint it, or possibly both to get it to go away and leave me alone.
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