Sunday, December 9, 2012

A good show at the gallery!

Friday night, I had a show at Mr. Nelson's gallery and I just can't describe how wonderful it was.
There were so many people there and the thing I had feared most, that they would laugh or make fun, never happened. In fact, the people were very in tune with what all the pictures were trying to say.
They understood that the world is changing in major ways, they understood and were awake to the fact that we have been decieved and manipulated into living lives that are destroying the planet and crushing our souls.
It was like magic. In the end, there was hope. Hope that we will find a way out, a new way to live and relate to each other, new ways to experience our lives. Something more than trading our lives for money at jobs that make the rich richer and using the money to buy things the rich tell us we have to have that make the rich richer. There is going to some day be a new way to be human.
I'm going to try and get some photos posted so you can see how nice everything looked. Stacey did a wonderful job mounting and arranging the pieces and her work is what helped make everything together make such a powerful and compelling statement for people.

I will always appreciate her and Mr. Nelson for giving me the chance to get to talk to people about these things and hopefully that some good seeds were planted Friday night.

Will try and update the blog more frequently too. Several pieces were sold and soon and I find out which ones, I'll post it here.

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