Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm finally getting around to posting a new piece! It's called "Holding On" and is done is pen and ink, and some watercolor. It's on 9x12 Bristol vellum and has a 1" border all around so the drawing itself is more like 7x10 more or less.

I especially wanted to post this today after what happened yesterday in the news. A man, killed his wife, daughter and pets, set his home on fire and fled to the woods where he'd constructed and elaborate and well fortified bunker. At some point in the stand off with authorities, he shot himself and it was over.
I've thought about that family since hearing the news. I've thought about how tragic and senseless it all was.
It is easy these days, to become so overwhelmed as we see the world we've known all our lives, disintegrating slowly around us, that we lose our way. We lose the ability to hang onto one another and just let go of the world.
In the drawing, you see a man and woman embracing as the world falls apart around them. There are threats from people, shown by the frantic "sheeple" figures around them, spiritual threats depicted by the "soul harvesters" floating about the city collecting the souls of the dead, alien and natural events shown in the sky in meteors and UFOs and aliens.
The couple in the drawing, rather than spend their last moments embroiled in panic and hopelessness have chosen to turn to one another in love, and embrace. Notice the area around them that shows their "field" of loving energy.  I wanted to show it as an energy field and hope I was able to convey that idea effectively.

I think that sometimes we become so frightened of what's happening in the world and to the earth that we forget that we can do that. We can decide to turn with love to those around us and meet fate with a loving heart.

I hope you like the drawing, and as always, I'd love to hear from you. Your comments and critiques are always welcome.
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