Friday, March 23, 2012

"Bunny Love" graphite drawing

Well, I thought I was going to do some other things but ended up doing another one of these darn things.
This one almost went in the trash more than once too. It bothered me.
It almost felt like I was "channeling" some kind of monster.
I got the feeling when drawing this, that what I was "finding" was a portrait of either a killer or some kind of person that I was really uncomfortable with.
In the image, you see a young man bent over the knees of this terrible looking man. The man has a bunny mask pushed back on his head and is wearing bunny gloves. Like some kind of costume or disguise. It could be someone that appears on the outside, gentle and timid like a bunny, but on the inside is a horrible predator. The dark figure in the background gave me some trouble as well.
It started off pretty much as you see it in the finished piece but something about how his face was coming through, it just wasn't "right", so I put the drawing up for a couple days and let it stew on the backburner and then, while out working in the garden it popped into my head, "He has no face!"
So, I went back to the drawing and indeed, he had no face other than the barest indication. It is of course a spirit or demon that is propelling the man to become a monster and in the picture it seems clear to me that the demon is pleased with the terror and despair he is helping facilitate.
Again, this is done in graphite on 9x12 Bristol vellum and finished off with workable fixatif.
I'm debating putting some of these on ETSY but just can't decide yet. LOL
at any rate, thanks for stopping by and do feel free to leave comments critiques or observations! I'm happy to hear from people and hear what their impressions are of these drawings.

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