Friday, December 17, 2010

A new improved way to think about a nuclear attack!

I've been utterly pissed off about this for 2 days and decided to write something about it before I blow a gasket.
Evidently, now, a nuclear attack is just totally survivable! Hell, you wouldn't even have to stay home with your family, you should go on into work and 'git 'er done!'
Oh, and if you just stay put in your house or car, why, you'll be A-OK!
Jesus God!
You know what? as a nation, I think we've gone off the rails, we're totally ignorant if we listen to this nonsense.
I'm sure, that some people would survive a nuclear attack. I'm sure that eventually, given about 900 years or so, the area where the attack occurs would be alright.
But for God's sake, there is no way in hell that a nuclear attack in this country whether by terrorists or made up terrorists, is ever going to be anything than an utter nightmare.
Here's a link to the article in USA today about the drills they had in LA.

One challenge he says, will be to persuade survivors to stay indoors, shielded from dangerous radiation until they're given the all-clear or told to evacuate. "In all likelihood, families will be separated," he says. "It's going to be scary to sit tight, though it's the right thing to do."
Families are separated and it's going to be a CHALLENGE to sit tight? A CHALLENGE?
Try utter impossibility.
I know for a fact, that if something like that happened and I was away from my husband or if my girls still were little and lived at home, if I were away from them, I doubt they'd be able to stop me from trying to get to them and I suspect I speak for thousands and thousands of people when I say that too.
No, I don't think the Gov. knows what the hell it's doing on this one for sure.

There was another article about this in the New York Times yesterday or the day before too.
Same thing.
Obama also said that if it happens, the gov. wouldn't be there to help till probably 72 hrs. after the blast.
What a comfort that is.
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm about sick of all the crap here lately.
Sick of the manipulation, and the mind games, sick of being lied to and talked down to like we're all stupid and they have to dumb everything down.
Americans need to wake the hell up, and be quick about it too.

I just did a Google news search for nuclear attack to see if I could find that other article.
just go look.
heck, evidently they're talking about it in Sydney Australia too.

People, we are in serious doo doo.
Does this not seem like it just came out of left field to you?
It does to me.
Oh, and don't fall for the old "terrorist did it in the library with a suitcase nuke" ploy either.
There ain't not such thing as a suitcase nuke.
One more time for the hearing impaired.
No such thing as a suitcase nuke.

Google that and see for yourself.
the smallest one is the size of a locker.
they can't be just carried around like a suitcase and left sitting willy nilly on a crowded street or someplace either.
Closest thing to something like that would be a regular homemade explosive with...hell, I don't know what, watch dials that glow in the dark or something, added to it.
Anyway, just wanted to vent my spleen a bit over this nonsense a little bit.
whew! that's better.
be safe girls.
love you,

p.s. here is a link to the Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation
It's a pdf file you can read to give you some info on what to do in case the worst happens.
You can right click and save link as, if you have windows.
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