Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cold Weather Coming!

Waiting on the snow to begin here. The temp is approaching freezing, it has rained off and on all night and at one point I heard sleet hitting the tin roof.
We're supposed to get up to 6" but the worst part will be the cold and the wind.
10- zero wind chills are COLD!
Husband is packed with blankets and pillows in the car in case he gets stranded at work tonight.
I have kerosene and food and all that.
Hopefully the power will stay on and I'll have heat.
I have maybe a gallon of kerosene but it will last a couple days in this 'sad iron' stove that I got last year.

I picked this one up cheap on eBay and if you get a chance to buy one, I highly recommend it.
You can cook on top of it and, still buy wicks and the mica windows for them if the one you get is
missing it.
Here's a good site to do business with for these stove, and lamp wicks and wicks for kerosene cook stove too.
Mike Stairs Wick Shop

You'll want to keep this up away from kids or pets, on a table and I have a porcelain pan underneath it as well.
Good luck to anyone facing this coming storm! Stay safe, and stay warm!
Just wanted to add, the stove in the photo is over all about 11" high and about 6" wide, so it's not really big, They used to heat their irons on these back in the day! LOL

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