Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Official, Corporations have Complete Control!

Well girls, looks like with the supreme court's ruling yesterday that allows now unfettered corporate politician buying, we can pretty much say goodbye to the country as we have known it.
It was bad enough before, now....
the floodgates are wide open and Walmart, and GE and Halliburton can buy and own as many politicians as they can afford.
They have had a heavy hand in our politics for a time now, but now, they can just outright buy whichever official they want.
here are a couple videos of Keith Oberman talking about the ramifications of this ruling and what it could mean for average Americans.
Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida is trying to get some bills before congress to stop this madness, he has a petition to sign HERE. It's the least we can do, go sign the damned thing for crying out loud!

God help us.

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