Monday, January 25, 2010

And now, for a bit of a RANT!

January 2010

I'm listening now to a show on coast to coast with financial forecasts for 2010.
it's all bad.
you know, you have to wonder why all the slight of hand looking for the collapse in the "future" looking ahead for the collapse when it's pretty obvious that we are IN the collapse now.
it's a massive slight of hand trick. "look ahead, the collapse is there, no, there, look it's financial, it's housing...etc,"
no, the collapse is happening now, it is all around us. They distract us with gold and money when what is being taken over is food. I realize that now, food is dependent on oil. that is true for large corportate farms more so than anything. a small home garden can produce a lot of your own food.

what is collapsing exactly?
financials, yes.
oil, yes.
our civil liberties, absolutely.
but of all the things collapsing, what is the most overlooked and ultimately the most important?
your ability to feed and provide for yourself!
your ability to grow your own food, to obtain your own water supply, build your own shelter, etc...
no matter how far away we move from our reality as humans, the ultimate requirement is still the same.
Food and water! Without those two things you will absolutely die. Everything, every monetary system, every means of trade every business ultimately goes to obtaining those two things. Those two and as a third, shelter.
I am not a well educated or world wise person, perhaps however that makes me better suited to discuss this issue.
Stop what you are doing and think for a minute.
why, why are you working 40+ years at a job you hate?
why are you killing yourself physically and most importantly spirtually and mentally at a mind numbing task?
to provide food, water, and shelter.
All else is fluff.
It is a delusion, a trick, a mind warp to get you to trade your time and energy for pieces of paper to go and trade then for those very things.
Cut out the middle man!
For the love of God, stop playing the game.
that is why I try to get people to grow some, just some little bit, of their own food. Not because they will be self sufficient by growing a couple dozen tomatoes, not because they will topple the powers that be, but mainly because they will, in learning to do these simple things, be able to reclaim the rights to their lives.
I cannot stress this enough.
go without food for awhile and see what I mean.
either the gov. will own you through their assistance, or, your fellow citizens will own you through their donations and help. Maybe a church will own you with their meals on wheels, maybe a person passing by you as you lay on a sidewalk cold and hungry. You can be the beneficiary of heartfelt pity.

what is the ultimate outcome?
I'll be damned if I know.
All I know is that you and your family will be far less yanked and whipped about if you are more self sufficient. You must, must, begin to re-think you lives, look at what is important to you, look at where what you buy comes from, who benefits from your labor, your spending. Then sit down as a family and decide if that is how you want to live. Decide if those recipients of your time and money are worth the years of labor that you have pretty much donated to them.

Why do we spend money on entertainment?
because one, we are curious creatures and entertainment satisfies something inside of us on a deep level, much like was satisfied by the "story tellers" of old. We love stories.
also, because without the interaction involved with producing for ourselves, we have time on our hands and big business is more than willing to sedate us with "their" stories of us. Their stories of what we are and how we are.
what does "money" buy you?
it buys survival!
you trade your time and creativity to some ethereal somebody in exchange for your damned survival that eons ago, you would have provided for YOURSELF!

I've listened to and read countless economic forecasts and analysis and the root of everything is taking away from YOU the ability to provide for YOURSELF.
Not only have they taken away your ability to feed yourself, but they had hypnotized and anesthetized you to where whatever free time you might have had to work on these things, you have fruitlessly spent on watching tv.
God help us.

People like Celente, Fitts, Jones, Puplova, etc..
tell us that change is coming. we just have to redirect the way we look at money and finance.
you know what, maybe money isn't what it's all about!!
maybe money is not the be all and end all of life.
it reminds me of the protestant break from Catholicism. It's just another way to view the same God. Maybe it's time we turned away from MONEY as God. Do you think?
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