Monday, December 7, 2009

Storing Dry Goods

Hey girls, I wanted to tell you about something I tried that worked out really well.
I had saved up all my 2ltr. soda bottles and rinsed them out and let them dry thoroughly. I've been using them to put rice, dried beans, sugar, salt,
They are just perfect for storing these things. They are tough, easy to clean, and keep your foods safe and dry. Much better than freezer bags or anything. I had used qt. canning jars but I think I like these bottles even better.
If something happened and they got a hole poked in them, at least you wouldn't have to worry about there being any glass in the food. Also, they are light weight and if you keep them in a dark place like a closet or cupboard, they will last for years and years.
I put beans and peas and rice and sugar, anything I could funnel into them, use a black magic marker and write what is in the bottle and I put a date on it. Screw on the lid and you are good to go!!!
About your beans and rice. Always put them in the freezer for several days to a week before you bottle them up. That will kill any mealy bug eggs or anything like that.
You can later put the bottle in the freezer for a second treatment if you want to.
Some people do 2 freezer treatments 2 weeks apart so as to kill any eggs or larvae that may have survived the first freezing.
This method is about the best I've tried.
Another thing I like about using these bottles is that it helps a little bit to keep them out of the garbage cycle. Also, why pay money to buy other plastic containers for storage when you have already paid for these?
I started using these this summer and am really pleased with them.
Just wanted to tell you about it in case you are having trouble finding things for storage.

love you girls,

p.s. they work good for storing flour and meal too. Get yourselves a funnel and get hopping!!
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