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Girls, the Fix is In, Get Yourselves Ready

Girls, I didn't write this although I sure wish I had, but please read this carefully, it was posted in our forum by member Satori and I feel that it's important that you read and understand what this is trying to tell us. You have got to do things to protect yourselves. I know you guys are having a hard time financially but please do what you can now. I sincerely believe that worse times are coming and soon.

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A Silent Coup d'état Has Already Happened in the U.S.
by Luis Mendoza

Sat Dec 05, 2009 at 10:45:31 PM PST

I call it silent, and not bloodless, since it has been anything but bloodless. To the contrary, the brutal efficiency of this Coup has resulted in countless casualties in the U.S. heartland.

It's sad to see so much confusion out there. People don't understand how's possible for Obama to appoint scores of Goldman Sachs (and other Wall Street bankers) to government positions. The same people responsible for creating ponzi schemes to steal trillions of dollars from the country's coffers (the taxpayers). How is it possible to keep the country in a perpetual state of war for the direct benefit of war profiteers?

If people reflect and take off their ideological blinders, it's possible to see that our entire government (Congress, the Executive, and the Judiciary) has already been taken over by Oligarchs here in the U.S. And none of this happened by coincidence. And it's going to get worst. {Continue below}

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During the last several years there has been a relentless, calculated, and well-financed effort to undermine the U.S. Constitution, remove financial regulations that protected against fraud by large institutions, undermine the labor movement, and remove restrictions on media conglomeration, and antitrust regulation.

The best mathematicians, and scientists, and economists were recruited by Wall Street, including top students from elite universities, in order to help create extremely complex and elaborate financial instruments with the expressed purpose of spreading the tentacles of the Oligarchs in charge of the silent Coup into the farther reaches of the financial system "bloodstream", like a virus.

Collaterized mortgage securities, derivatives, credit default swaps, and many, many other schemes were created (or programmed) to transfer trillions of dollars to the Oligarchs, and at the same time, to discharge a mind-numbing electrical jolt, as it were, into the general population in order to keep us numbed and unaware of the thievery. One good source relating to this type of shock, is the book The Shock Doctrine, by Naomi Klein.

The tragic events of 9/11 provided the excuse for the Oligarchs to accelerate the process towards the silent Coup they have been diligently working towards for many years.

Fear mongering was used to manipulate the populace into accepting draconian laws that undermined many constitutional protections. Phony wars were quickly started with the purpose of strengthening the military industrial complex, and embedding militarism into our society. For the first time in U.S. history we entered into a state of perpetual war. The reader needs to understand that this is extremely important for the Oligarchs, as it serves many purposes, including a massive transfer of wealth directly into the pockets of the war profiteers, and the acquisition of oil resources for energy conglomerates.

Many important events are taking place behind the scenes, not being reported by the media, and that's because the Oligarchs own the media. They use it as a propaganda tool in order to advance their interests.

At the same time electronic shackles are being perfected in order to keep the population subjugated, docile, and numb, while at the same time upping our exploitation and abuse. The recession pushes millions of people into financial chaos, which damages the credit scores of millions; this information goes into one of the chain links of the electronic shackles.

Social Networking, and other technologies rapidly accelerate throughout society, with tens of millions of people signing up and building veritable dossiers which can then be used against people, with the use of warrantless monitoring (Sprint fed customer GPS data to cops over 8 million times).

As more and more people use text messaging, and use electronic devices that emit signals that can be traced and tracked, the average citizen is turning into a dog-on-a-leash, unwittingly

In the meantime an avalanche of new business practices are coming together to serve as an increasingly oppressive tool against the average citizen. Pay one credit card late a couple of days, and not only the bank for that credit card will jack up your rates, but other financial institutions will as well. Buy a $2.00 coffee, and pay $35.00 in a "convenience fee". Now genetic test results are also being used by insurance companies, and employers (sometimes illegally) in order to deny people coverage, or employment.

Many of these things seem (and probably are) unrelated, but the bottom line is that as more and more "tools" are used to oppress the individual, and to keep her stressed out, and looking over her shoulder (the mortgage, and the barrage of fees from the bank, and the jacking up of interest rates, and the declining credit score), the less able will she be to have enough time to think and analyze what's really going on in society, and the exploitation she's being subjected to.

If one believes that this scenario is plausible, then a lot of the things we are experiencing today make sense.

If it is true that there was a massive looting of our entire financial system, in a normal society we should be seeing perhaps hundreds of Wall Street insiders' perp-walks on TV news, and reported on newspapers. Instead, not only there aren't scores of indictments, these same people continue to receive billions and billions of dollars in compensations.

And to top it off, they are planted within the halls of government by the current president.

To many people it is obvious that the rationale for the escalation of the war in Afghanistan does not make sense, and yet, the president is escalating the war.

The reason I believe that what we are experiencing today is unprecedented, and that there has been a fundamental change in the U.S., which I call a silent Coup, is because I don't see us coming out of this recession and getting back to things as usual. I don't think this time this is just part of the boom-and-bust cycle.

In fact, I'm convinced that it is likely that just when things start to look a little better, and that the economy is improving, and people start feeling a little hope that things will get better, there is going to be a massive and unprecedented collapse of the economy which will create panic, and will create shock in our citizenry, already reeling from the current economic depression.

This could create social disruptions, starting with the armed right-wing whack-jobs which have already been incited by the likes of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the other corporatist tools.

We may see some localized riots, and some armed skirmishes between groups that have been incited by demagogues. Violent crimes, like robberies would also escalate quickly, as the economy goes into a tailspin.

Between the second economic collapse, social disruption, and any potential national security issues, the entire society would be in a state of shock, and confused.

It is within this chaos that the Oligarchs would make their final move. All these seemingly unrelated tools of the electronic leash would quickly be used to control people. You could see the military deployed in our streets to "keep the peace". Tens of thousands of private security contractors which have been trained during the current wars, could be used in our streets "to maintain order."

All the draconian laws that have emasculated many constitutional protections (warrantless wiretaps, the "Patriot Act") would be used to further subjugate people. It would be some kind of "Shock Doctrine" scenario.

As it is today, many people have been saying that both major political parties are just the face of the Oligarchs, of the corporatists. I do believe they are, but that there are many elements within that are trying to do the right thing, but have been marginalized.

But if this nightmarish scenario comes true, eventually we will be living under a neo-fascist State.

I call it neo-fascist because I don't believe it would be a blunt as previous fascist states, but the principle would be very similar.

You would have a pliant and subjugated citizenry working at a subsistence-level, afraid of uniting in protest (or creating alternate political parties, or creating strong unions).

The electronic leash would be held tighter, and people would live under a sense of being under siege.

Religious fundamentalism would quickly spread, helping the corporatist keep any remnants of progressive or liberal thought in check.

We would wake up one day under an true neo-fascistic Plutocracy: A political system governed by the wealthy people.

Let me finish by stating that these writings are mainly musings, and that I know many of these things sound outlandish. I'll be very happy if one day in the near future I say to myself "Gosh, talk about going off the deep end with all this conspiratorial stuff." I'll just shake my head about how wrong I was, and go on to continue living in a free, fair, and democratic society.

If one day I were to hear the president talk about how he came to the decision to remove Wall Street bankers from some key government positions, and then saw him appointing at least some true progressives to his government. Or if he really terminated the ongoing wars and brought the troops home (ready for real national security situations), then I may have some hope I can believe in.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong about my "musings." Right now, it looks like the fix is in.
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