Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stock up on Seeds NOW

Good morning girls, I'm just in from the garden. Planted a second crop of green beans.
I was thinking about seeds this morning and wanted to impress on you girls the potential importance of going ahead now and getting your seed supplies laid up.
I'm going to the feed store after while and will go ahead and buy peas, beans and corn, and probably some spinach and other greens as well.
Here's my reasoning behind it.

If this fall, the flu comes through in a big bad way, I worry that the added load will collapse the economy.
I'm sure it is possible that it will all blow over and be ok but, just in case, it really wouldn't hurt anything to go ahead now while things are available and get yourselves some seeds.
If you have the money, I'd get whatever soil amendments you usually use too.
If the dollar collapses and we have hyperinflation, it is very possible that you wouldn't be able to afford seed next season even if you could find it somewhere.
so, go get some seeds!
store them in their paper envelopes in big jars or boxes or one of those plastic totes with snap on lids.
keep them cool and dry and in the dark, above all else, dry.
Don't store them on top of the fridge or close to a water heater or any electrical activity as far as that's concerned.
If you have a problem with insects or rodents, take those things into consideration when packing your seeds away.
If you use mason jars, try and pick a good dry day to pack them so as not to seal away moisture inside the jar with your seeds.
Just had this on my mind today and wanted to talk to you about it.
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