Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, Seed Bombs!

Happy Easter girls!
hope you have a great day.
there's a blog that someone on our forum named mos6507 has, and it is just great!
here's a link to it.

doomstead diary

watch the videos about seed bombing. The general idea is you get some seeds, mix with potting soil, flatten out a wad of clay and embed the seeds and soil mixture into it, roll up the clay, cut into pieces and roll into balls. Take these balls and throw them into unsightly vacant lots or whatever and hopefully they will find places to grow and over time, change the look of an entire area. You could use all kinds of seeds too.
flowers, vegetables like greens or bush beans, tomatoes, maybe even tree seeds.

Both of you girls live in cities where there are lots of vacant lots and stuff and you could easily do this.
I'll go by Dollar Store and get some seeds.

anyway, it's beautiful here today, sun is out and it's going to be warm so I'll be outside most of the day playing in the dirt!
love you girls,
keep preppping, and check out those videos on mos6507's blog, they are very inspirational.
Here's another link to an interview with the man who started "The Farm" in Tennessee.
thanks Tropicalgirl for the link. Great article.

Albert Bates Interview

p.s. check this out! Mr. Nelson at the gallery wrote about me in his blog!!
how cool is that!

Nelson's Gallery Blog
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