Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day Before Easter

Hey girls, hope you are having a good weekend, we are.
Went to the art gallery and took several pieces, all new!
The little girl and bunny picture is also on Redbubble where people can
buy prints if they want.
The garden is coming along great! cabbages, collards, chinese cabbage, green onions, lettuces! woo hoo!
Neighbor Dave is putting up a little hot house for use to use to put potted up tomato and pepper plants in. I'm flat out of room in the greenhouse and need space to put the plants. We hope to sell lots of them to help pay for this springs expansion.
Dave put in I think, 7 4x8 ft. beds all a foot deep plus we had another big area plowed for our home gardening activities. hehehe
here's a picture of the greenhouse with it's rain hex.
May have to take that off if it keeps raining!
remember to keep prepping, it's just makes good sense.

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