Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sept. 2, 2008

The chickens are laying well. I got 2 eggs yesterday and the last 2 I used were both double yolked eggs.
My sister came by at some point yesterday and left two big boxes of apples for me, they are from a tree in her yard and are simply delicious!

Hurricane Gustav mercifully slowed down and did not do the damage Katrina did, it wasn't nearly as bad as what was forecast. Although for the just because it wasn't as bad as Katrina doesn't mean we should forget that it was bad in some areas on the coast.
There are a couple folks over on the LATOC forum that say the storm has down trees, caused extensive flooding and power outages, etc...
I guess it's bad for who it's bad for. The link above takes you to the site's Breaking News page. Click on the "Discuss" link in the right hand corner.

Cooked the fresh eggs for breakfast and they were delicious.
Haven't gotten a lot done in the garden, not a lot to be done right now, did plant some cabbages and broccoli for us. Have had to go out and carry water up from the creek about every day as the weather has been very hot and dry.
Probably will get substantial rains off the other hurricanes that are currently lined up like a string of beads across the Atlantic. Hopefully they won't do much damage either. That area is still not fully recovered from Katrina and they don't need another monster hurricane.
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