Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Long Hot Summer

Well, summer is winding down around here, the sycamores have begun to turn, and the poplars as well.
The garden did ok all things considered, disease and insects had a field day and the heat and dryness the past six weeks was brutal.
If we were depending on the garden for 100% of all our food, we'd be up the creek. No kidding.
I can almost feel the approach of autumn, especially in the mornings when the air is cool and quiet.
I have a lot of painting I want to do when I get done putting up the rest of our harvest. We do have a lot of good pears that I'm so proud of and I have been canning, dehydrating and eating pears everyday. Mostly eating them though.
Soon as I have new paintings to show you, I'll post them. People don't seem to want to buy paintings about the end of the world when they think the world is ending. LOL
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