Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Getting Ready for Doom

here's a great cartoon from, Chattanooga times free press thanks dermot at LATOC forum for linking it.
well, I've been listening to Bernanke and Paulson for two days and I think that they are liars and are trying to scare congress into doing something that they really shouldn't do. I'm probably more fearful now than I was during the cold war, however, we keep on trying to get a handle on what is going on and prepare ourselves as much as we can.
We have some groceries, but not nearly what most people have in their homes when times are regular. I am terrified for my daughters and grandson and I just can't allow myself to think too much about that.
I have been making dried vegetables for soup mix. It takes up little space and is light weight and cooks up with only water.
I been seeing the date of Oct. 7 pop up a lot on the net as a date for possible attack against this country. this would set the wheels of martial law in motion. Right now, they are trying their damndest to ram this abomination of a bill down congress's throat and thus take over the entire financial structure.
We are in deep doo doo.
Do yourselves a favor, if you have any money, buy food with it. Now.
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