Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Fix Seems to be in

Well, I'm listening to Bloomberg radio and the Senate hearings on this bailout plan and I gotta say, the fix is in. By accident or design, they seem to be going to pass it one way or another.
The Dems seem to be trying to take some of the teeth out of the plan, to protect or appease tax payers, but...
No one is even asking whether or not it should be done in the first place.
I just don't think this is a good idea.
They are trying to solve a problem by throwing money at the very people that caused it in the first place.
It seems to be one of the last pieces of a plan to take over this country, next, will come some trumped up reason to declare martial law.
We are so screwed.
I messaged my Senator and let my feelings be known about this thing, you can contact your representative here.
Can't say that this will do any good, but at least you'll have the satisfaction of being able to say you tried to do something about it.

You know, my dad, was an interesting character. WWII veteran, submarine navy.
He was so very proud of his America. Not in an obnoxious chest thumping false way, but in a sincere way. He always told us that if communism came to America, it would be from the inside.
Looks like dad was right.
Back when the news first came out about the US torturing and sexually humiliating prisoners of war, I was glad dad was too sick to watch it on tv and hoped he would never find out about it.
Now, with this, I'm glad he has passed away, he won't see what has become of the once fine and dignified country that he went to war for.
God help us.
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