Thursday, December 2, 2010

Now is the time for Silence

I think of the time now that has passed. The last couple years spent in preparing for the end, watching the news, waiting. It has been hard on the people that have warned for years now that things were about to change, to fall apart, to go over the cliff.
They have been right about what was coming, but what was coming managed to move slowly enough to remain still yet, unnoticed by many people.
I am constantly amazed at people who still believe that 'business as usual' is just around the corner, that the 'days of wine and roses' are mere moments away.
Many of the people that have now spent years trying to awaken the sleeping, so to speak, many of those early messengers have now decided the time has come to stop warning people. To now let the chips fall where they may. They have done their best and it's now time to be silent and perhaps invisible as well.

The time may soon be coming where it would be dangerous to them and their families to advertise their preparedness to the outside world. Myself, I have about stopped speaking of these things to people other than here or on the forums where I'm a member. Now I keep my preparedness to myself and if you who might be reading this are a person who has taken the time and effort necessary to build up food and water supplies or learned to garden and preserve foods or developed any other number of skills that would be helpful to have in the difficult days ahead, if you are doing these things, it may be time for you to be quiet about it as well.

We are in the middle of the collapse of modern civilization, it is failing in layers, in bits and pieces that fall away in flakes day by day. That is why there are still a large number of people who, although they realize that something is going on, that things are bad in some places, they still believe that all will be well and back to the way things were in just a little while. These are the people that will be a danger to you and your family in the days ahead. These are the people that once they have exhausted their limited supply of food or water or other essential things will think to themselves, "Hey, remember that woman that was talking about storing food? That was talking about all this years ago? Where is her house?"
If you are that person who tried to warn and educate your family and friends, people at work, or church, or is the time for silence.
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