Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well, summer is almost over. These 90+ degree days have worn me out and slowed down every thing we had planned to do this summer.
It has been so miserable.
At least it's not as bad as the poor people in Russia are suffering through right now.
Record heat not seen there in 1000 years, and monstrous fires have caused people in Moscow to
flee the city and look for someplace where they can breathe.
The mortality rate in Moscow has doubled to over 700 deaths per day.

Like I said, at least it's not that bad here.
The garden did pretty good this year, we are really going to try and put in a big fall garden and grow cabbages and things in the cooler weather. Looking forward to it.
We had the best visit ever with my grandson this summer and it was heartbreaking to send the little guy back home.
I know his ma missed him though and was so glad to have him back.
Supposed to be working towards a show in Sept at the art gallery, but it's been too hot and I've just had so much going on I haven't been able to get my work done.
I'll figure out something though. I have a lot of pieces to take anyway. Not like I won't have anything.
I did a big picture on the front of the gallery too. I'll try and put up a photo of it after while.

I've been using twitter recently and trying to tweet the news that I find that seems important. There a widget on the right where you can see the latest posts.
I made enough money at the art show earlier this summer to buy a domain name and will have a website up and running soon where you can go see the latest pieces!
will be back later to add photo.
until then,
I love you girls,

here is a photo of the front of the gallery. The painting is almost all done except the strip of black trim that I put up a few days after this was taken.

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