Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ordering Seeds from Fedco Seeds this year

Hey, a friend (MidWestHerbalist) at the forum has posted a link to this great seed company along with some disturbing information about some of my favorite seed sellers.


Here a link to the thread MidWestHerbalist started, I recommend that you read it and see the list for yourselves.


I encourage you to check these folks out, they are just a wonderful sounding seed company and personally, I'll be ordering from them this year.
They are staunchly non GMO and support seed saving and sustainable agriculture.
They've also taken a stand against Monsanto's continuing drive to take over the world's entire food supply chain and for that alone, they will get my patronage.
Monsanto bought out Seminis Seed Company in 2005 and so now, seeds sold by many of my favorite seed companies, Like Johnny's Selected Seed, Nichols, Vermont Bean Seed, Jung and many others, buy their seed from Sementis which is now unfortunately owned by Monsanto. I was particularly saddened by this as I've been buying seed from a couple of those companies for years and will now look elsewhere for my seed.
So, do check out Fedco's site, the whole thing is full of information!
Take the time to download and read through their catalog as well as their "Seed School Curriculum Guide" It contains an amazing amount of seed saving information.

Please think about things like this, it is more important than you realize. Remember, whoever feeds you, owns you.

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