Sunday, December 27, 2009

Finally I have an Etsy account!

well, I started that account back in April but never had listed anything, I don't know why, but today I decided to go ahead and list some artwork. I put the url in the box at the top of this page, didn't know how to make it a link so you'd have to copy and paste it till I figure it out, but anyway, here it is.

paturner etsy store

I have two posted so far, listing makes me nervous as hell for some reason.
Anyway, if Israel doesn't attack Iran in the next little while, which it seems hell bent on doing, maybe I can sell some artwork.
kind of messed up if you ask me, compelled to draw these damned pictures about the end of the world all the while hoping and praying that it never happens but terrified that it will.
hope everyone had a merry Christmas and happy Holidays.
love you girls,
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