Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cash Only Movement

Hello again girls! Someone posted this article on the LATOC forum and I want you to read this and do it!
If the people of this country have any chance at all to force change it will be by using this simple and yet powerful tool! Cash.
Instead of using credit or debit cards or using the bank, just use cash to pay for your purchases. That's what we do here and you will be amazed at the amount to save over a year in fees and charges that you won't have to pay.
It's the only way to starve this greedy financial beast into submission.
here's a link to the article. USE CASH!

here's an snippet.

Big Banking is out of control. Many corporate financial institutions, considered too big to fail, received a share of a trillion dollars of taxpayer money. To thank us, they are hiking interest rates on existing credit card debt, lowering and cancelling small business credit lines, and imposing more and higher fees and penalties with impunity.

As taxpayers, workers, citizens and merchants we can fight back. Not with letters to the editor nor with calls to our government representatives. There is an easy, immediate and direct path toward banking and monetary reform that benefits people, not corporations, through everyday transactions in the marketplace.

Use cash.

I highly urge you to do this as often as you possibly can.
If your checks are direct deposited and you just can't get out of it, take out the cash you need and use it and not the ATM or credit card or debit.
Hell, cut up your damned credit cards if you haven't already.
If you don't think you could do without a credit card, sit down and tally up what you have paid in interest and fees to your credit cards over the past year and then figure out what you would rather have done with that money.
You know I love you and I want you girls to do well. Please give this a shot.
Writing congress doesn't help, nor calling them or standing around with signs. This, this is what will get their attentions.
The American people, if we act en masse, can change things and stop the pillaging of our country by the coddled billionaires that currently run the government.

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