Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why there Won't be Forced Vaccinations

On our forum, we have this discussion frequently about whether or not there will be forced vaccinations against the swine flu. It has been my contention that there won't be enough vaccine to go around and so vaccines won't be forced on the people. At least not in the beginning.
The governments are gearing up to protect vaccine and Tamiflu supplies, they are not gearing up to go door to door and vaccinate you at gun point.

follow this link.

Swine Flu Vaccine: Enough to Go Around?

from the article.

Government health officials said on Monday that the United States will have barely more than a third of the 120 million doses of swine flu they hoped would be available by mid-October,. That's far less than the 160 million doses they originally predicted in July.

This is far less than the amount needed. They are estimating now that there will be 45 million, enough for the primary target population which includes pregnant women, children under 4 and health care providers.

p.s. Lisa, saw your comment and will get a basic list up for you hopefully this afternoon.
I'm assuming you are prepping for 2 people right?
anyway, that's what we'll shoot for.
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