Thursday, April 16, 2009

Texas and Georgia talk about Seceding

Texas Wants to Secede

Georgia Wants to Secede

Well, what about that, I wonder who put the bee in their bonnet about secession?
Are they so freaked out about a black Pres. that they want to leave America?
Or is it like they say, they are pissed about the bailouts?
Who the hell isn't?
I don't take much of this too seriously as it seems staged to me.
Like a publicity stunt.
But if they did do something that stupid, how would they pay their bills without the US government sending them money for their budgets?
They wouldn't.
First thing they'd do of course is cut out all help for the poor. They hate giving money to poor people and what is funny as hell is that most poor people in the south that receive food stamps or welfare vote for Republicans! LOL
They hate Mexicans, and still don't like black people, they actually believe that if you work hard enough at your job you'll someday be rich!
Even poor people believe that people are poor because they're lazy or dumb. Or both.
They never seem to ask themselves, "Hey, how would it feel to be on the receiving end of my own hateful beliefs and attitudes?"
Well, tell you what, go ahead and declare yourselves independent and see what your states, run by boneheads just like you, do to you.

I'm figuring that as soon as they cut out all help for the poor and you'll have pictures on the news of hillbillies sneaking across the border into the northern states looking for help. How funny would that be!
The same people that holler and carry on about how the Mexicans are taking their jobs would be trying to cross the borders into Ohio or some other Yankee state, in the dead of night, then going house to house asking people if they need their lawns mowed. LOL
Of course we live in Tennessee and there would be loads of poor Tennesseans fleeing as well, myself included.

Yep, my guess is that within a week of seceding, or maybe less, the entire south would look a lot like Zimbabwe, or Nigeria, or Guinea, pick one.
They'll do away with those irksome civil rights laws and then Billy Joe Bob could concern himself with the monstrous race riots as they try to go back to the "Old South" way of doing things.
These people are crazier than a sackful of doorknobs! I know, I live here.
I love the south, and actually I love the people here but they can be swayed easier than just about any people I've seen anywhere if you can quote some Scripture to back up your idea.

It all sounds funny at first but think about this, Homeland Security has added extremist conservatives to the list of people to keep an eye on.
You have that, and then the behind the scenes puppet masters, prodding those folks, stoking the fires so to speak, trying to get them to DO something. And why? Why would that be?
What would happen if say, at some rally or bailout protest, violence broke out?
Why martial law, what else!

DHS is Watching Right wing Extremists

Oh well, if nothing else, the next few months will sure be interesting.

p.s. Listen to today's Survival Podcast, Jack went to one of the tea-bagging rallies and had some pretty interesting things to say about it.
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