Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour Tonight

hey, turn off your lights tonight for one hour.
It won't kill you! LOL
I think I'll do that this evening. Turn off the lights. I think I'll turn these off from 9 to 10.
I invite you all to join me in the dark!

It's 8:30 now, in half an hour I think I'll pull the main switch and see how dark and quite it gets here. LOL
I'll have the battery on this laptop so I can tell you what it's like here in the dark.

ok it's about a quarter till 9 now.
I finally found the camera so maybe I can take some pictures of the dark.
pictures of the dark.
that's odd isn't it?

I've gone around and turned off some things already so it won't freak out the fuse box when I plug it back in.

Wow, it is so dark in here with everything turned off!
it's 9:04 now and I just went out and took some pictures of the building.
Hope they turn out nice.
You know, people used to have been able to see really well in the dark! I about fell over the lawnmower going out to take pictures!
well, I think I'll turn this laptop off now.
see you all in an hour.
Happy Earth Hour day!

Ok, it's after 11:30, I did extra. I fell asleep!
It was so dark and quiet and I had laid down to rest a bit and dozed off.
I guess that was as good a way as any to spend my earth hour. I took some pics and will post them here soon as I get them off the camera later.
I may lay back down and finish up my nap!
Happy Earth Hour!

Ok, hot off the camera, our place in the dark! LOL
Check out the orb activity in the second one too!

and here is one more. Look! Orbs!

Ok that's about it for me tonight, I learned a few things from Earth Hour.
It's nice in the dark and I wish my neighbor's outdoor light would go out.
Also, I have got to get rid of some clutter before I turn out all the lights in this place again, and....the best way to spend earth hour? Napping. LOL
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