Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Save your MONEY!!!

PacificDreamer at LATOC forum posted this Wall Street Journal article this morning and it really got my dander up!!!

Here's the LINK.

Here's a little piece of it.

Usually, frugality is good for individuals and for the economy. Savings serve as a reservoir of capital that can be used to finance investment, which helps raise a nation's standard of living. But in a recession, increased saving -- or its flip side, decreased spending -- can exacerbate the economy's woes. It's what economists call the "paradox of thrift."

there's also an article in Yahoo News HERE.

Here's a bit of that one.

If shock over the housing and stock market's losses sends the savings rate all the way back to the 11.2 percent notched in 1982, after the United States had endured two painful back-to-back recessions, it will prolong the current downturn.

That would also illustrate what the influential British economist John Maynard Keynes called the 'paradox of thrift'.

This described how the personal virtue of saving for the future becomes a collective ill if everyone does it at the same time, causing domestic demand to collapse and hurting everyone's savings because this slows the entire economy.

Do you see and understand what's happening here?
The little guy is finally figuring out what's important.
They are finally becoming aware of their own financial power when as a group, the herd decides to go a way different form the shepherd!
The Powers That Be are terrified of us acting in unison like this.
Save your money girls, watch where you spend, shop locally, buy used from second hand shops or yard sales. And especially important, DO NOT charge on a card or borrow from a bank!
Save every penny ( I mean that literally too, coins, oddly enough actually have more physical value than paper money as they are worth the value of the metal that went into making them. Paper money has practically no value at all. )

One easy way to save, besides change, is to save all one dollar bills.
every time you buy something, if you use a five and get two ones and change back, or whatever, put the ones up somewhere.
You'd be pleasantly surprised at how fast those one pile up and it has the psychological advantage of looking like a lot of money too.
If you have some things you could sell now to raise cash get on it. Hurry.
Get as much physical money on hand as you can.
If you must use a bank, check into a local bank or credit union.
Don't do any business with any branch of Citi, or JP Morgan, any of those big money sucking bandit tax robbing monsters!
We the people are finally making a difference. Vote with your dollar.
Vote for yourself and save the damned thing.
Keep stocking food and basic supplies as always, try to buy from local places, stay out of WalMart and the big multi national places.
Ok, that's my rant for now, I love you girls and hope you will listen to me.

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