Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why Can't AIG be Allowed to Fail?

By now I guess everyone is talking about Insurance Giant AIG American International Group, and it's rescue loan by the Federal Reserve. I've asked people who know a lot more about finances than I do, what exactly is going on? I've read and watched the market and you know what? I still didn't have a clue till this morning. I read this article by Matt Savinar here, in it, he explains how AIG started out originally as a secret spy cover for the OSS, a data mining operation. Savinar makes the point that if it was used that way in the past, it is likely that it is used that way now.
Think about it, AIG is spread all over the world, if they are actually an on-the-ground data gathering organization, then it's no wonder they couldn't be allowed to fail.
There is also and article about AIG and it's involvement in the drug trade here,
It's obvious that a lot is going on behind the scenes right now. This entire situation is so complex it's pretty much beyond the comprehension of average citizens, and there's a reason for that, it sure makes it easier for them to steal.
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