Monday, September 29, 2008

Dow Closes down 777 points!

wow, what a day.
The House did the right thing and voted against that monstrous bill and you could hear the markets crashing all the way in Tennessee!
Now, the House will be out till Thursday on account of a Jewish holiday and then go back and make a new bill to try and cram through but it won't be voted on most likely until Sat. or Mon.
I read today, that the market fell more than the 700 billion they were asking for.
The banks have money in reserve and won't use it thinking the Gov. will bail them out and they'll come out ahead.
To hell with that. That's crazy.
Wouldn't work for me, would it work for you?
Anyway, here is a youtube goodie that Calles over at LATOC posted.
Thought you might enjoy it.
Keep stocking up on food people.
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